PrecisionCare uses digital signatures on signed documents that maintains not only the individual that signs the documents, but the actual content (integrity) of the document is also secured within our database. Digital signatures eliminate the need to print out the case record, any supporting notes and any data that has been collected as part of service delivery. Digital signatures are stronger than electronic signatures because they validate the integrity of the signed document. Electronic signatures are used to allow external signing of documents from guardians and individuals. PrecisionCare pioneered the use of electronic signatures in the IDD community in 2009. Through an agency’s electronic signature policy, plan authors and approvers are captured. The electronic signature policy defines how e-signatures are used within the agency. In an audit this is referred to for the contemporaneous timeframe that an agency sets in order to give staff reasonable lead time to enter their documentation. The policy also identifies the strength of the signing password that will be used. PrecisionCare enforces the strength and valid period of the signing password, as defined by the agency.

Digital Signatures

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