Since 1999, PrecisionCare has offered a specialized, web-based EHR software solution exclusively created to meet the needs of Human Service providers. Our software system is designed to ensure state and federal regulatory compliance, while streamlining the documentation process for the IDD and Behavioral Health provider communities.

PrecisionCare’s user-friendly, customizable software provides users with efficient and accurate documentation capabilities, with the assurance that they are working within the confines of regulatory standards. PrecisionCare is continuously developing new features, enhancements and modifications to support regulatory changes and enhance the user experience.

Leadership Team

Sal Vitti, PrecisionCare Software

Salvatore F. Vitti

Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 205

Christine Casillo, PrecisionCare Software

Christine Casillo

Chief Operating Officer
Ext. 204

Thomas P. Quinn, PrecisionCare Software

Thomas P. Quinn

Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 251

Jacquie Mastropietro

Jacquie Mastropietro

Director of Sales and Marketing
Ext. 214

Brian May, PrecisionCare Software

Brian May

Director of Development and Technology
Ext. 206

Susan Traverse, PrecisionCare Software

Susan Traverse

Manager of Account Management
Ext. 201

Robin Kelly

Manager of Customer Support
Ext. 207

Account Management Team

Erin Moriarty

Account Manager
Ext. 252

Matthew Barrett

Account Manager
Ext. 257

Barbara Jordan

Implementation Manager
Ext. 212

Customer Support Team

Erin Storch

Customer Support Representative

Malissa Labulis

Customer Support Representative

Development Team

Kyle Bradshaw

Software Developer

Andrew Smith

Software Developer

Zachary Kirchner

Software Developer