Managed Care

Recently there has been some speculation that PrecisionCare will not be connecting to or providing bidirectional communication to the New York State RHIOs. On the contrary, PrecisionCare has been in communication with all of the RHIOs and we are currently on track to provide connectivity to those that have agreed to work with us. PrecisionCare is committed to providing our customers with this vital integration and we recognize that the RHIOs are the backbone of the SHIN-NY, providing the services that make secure access to a patient’s health information possible statewide.

PrecisionCare has always been willing to integrate with other applications to provide our customers with added value. As we move towards Managed Care, PrecisionCare’s interoperable capabilities are more critical than ever in order to maximize the health data exchange with the RHIOs. As with all interoperability, possible delays can be expected on either side, as it requires all parties to adopt business confidentiality agreements and highly detailed guides for implementing standards surrounding patient health data exchange. PrecisionCare’s connections to the RHIOs are well underway and we are very confident that we will have the majority of these established by 2018.

If you would like an update on PrecisionCare’s timeline for the connection to your local RHIO listed below, please contact us directly for more information.

Bronx RHIO – Bronx
HealtheConnections – Central NY
Healthix – NYC and Long Island
HealthlinkNY – Southern Tier and Hudson Valley NY
Hixny – Capital District and Northern NY
NY Care Information Gateway (NYCIG) – NYC and Long Island
Rochester RHIO – Rochester

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